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Demand Driven Videos

Becoming Demand Driven in a Volatile World

Carol Ptak of the Demand Driven Institute speaks at the SAPICS International Conference and Exposition on becoming demand driven in a more complex and volatile world.


The Conventional Planning Puzzle – Just How Crazy Does MRP Make Your Life?

Carol Ptak from the Demand Driven Institute demonstrates through a simple and realistic exercise just how complicated even the simplest environment can get through conventional MRP rules. You can also download the workbook slides and work the problem along with Carol.
Download the presentation slides in PDF format here.


An Intro to Demand Driven Operational Principles – Microsoft QBE Lunch and Learn

In this one hour video Chad Smith from the Demand Driven Institute takes a group of over 200 Microsoft employees through the basic principles of the Demand Driven operating method including:
1. The problem facing formal planning and scheduling in the “New Normal”
2. The need for the promotion and protection of system flow and it connection to ROI
3. Five basic steps to becoming Demand Driven
Download the presentation slides in PDF format here.


Bad Math – The Importance of Relevant Information

This short video will walk you through a simple example of the failure to consider relevant factors when making operational decisions between two alternatives. It shows how conventional factors in margin calculation can lead many companies into the worng decisions and the inability to profit maximize.


Introduction to Smart Metrics – Webinar #1

What are the right metrics to encourage and sustain flow within a company and across a supply chain? Smart Metrics, introduced in the book Demand Driven Performance – Using Smart Metrics, allow companies to break out of the cost-centric and localized measures that discourage and block flow. Debra Smith and Chad Smith personally lead this webinar.
You can sign up for webinars #2 and #3 at the official Demand Driven Performance website.

Download the presentation material in pdf format.