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Demand Driven Implementation Projects
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Demand Driven Performance – Using Smart Metrics Workshop
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Demand Driven Implementation Projects

The Demand Driven approach is the careful alignment of the organization and its assets with that of the market and/or consumption. This approach will fundamentally impact most areas of a company. This includes careful synchronization of sales, planning, scheduling and execution with consumption. Thus, in developing a Demand Driven organizational strategy it will require the involvement of all functional leaders and key players within an organization.

No matter the size of your organization, CMG has a proven and effective process to implement Demand Driven methods throughout Operations. With a combination of highly skilled and experienced consultants and mature scalable technology CMG can meet your implementation objectives in a relatively short period of time.

Our implementations follow a four phase process:
Phase 1: Demand Driven Design and Assessment
Phase 2: Pilot and Proof of Concept (Initial Go-Live)
Phase 3: Implementation Expansion
Phase 4: Sustainment

Phase 1: Demand Driven Design and Assessment

In the design and assessment phase CMG works with a small experienced client team in order to:

1. Understand the current landscape of the supply chain.
2. Transfer basic Demand Driven concepts to key client personnel.
3. Build a Demand Driven design for the client.
4. Model and simulate that design. Data templates are furnished to the client in advance of the session. The design that is formulated would be combined with the data that is provided through that template in order to create two things:

a. A working capital snapshot that would show the inventory compression potential available through the concepts and design. This snapshot would show the gap between current levels (both too high and too low) and proposed inventory positions and levels. The snapshot would also provide a “cash flow impact” over time as some positions may need to be built and others drained.
b. A simulation will take 6 months of past data and simulate how the design would perform over that time frame.

5. Create a business case based on the design, model and simulation.

Phase 2: Implementation Planning

Once the design is set implementation planning begins. CMG resources work hand in hand with the client implementation team getting ready for Go-Live.
Implementation Planning Includes:

  • Forming a project team
  • Providing access to Replenishment+® and/or DBR+® if necessary
  • Developing data exchange process for software tools
  • Transferring model into software tools
  • Conducting concept training to relevant personnel
  • Conducting software user training to relevant personnel
  • Selecting buffer profile and routing families for specific parts
  • Testing the data exchange process
  • Conducting rehearsal sessions
  • Resolving open items and issues
  • Completing ‘Go Live’ checklist
  • ‘Go Live’ with the system

Phase 3: Go-Live and Cutover

Once Go-Live has occurred CMG resources continue to work with the client implementation team to expand the implementation to full scope and design and to assist with any obstacles that arise.

  • Attend implementation and buffer meetings as necessary
  • Monitor usage of the system (uploads, transactions, order creation, buffer statuses)
  • Alert implementation team to potential problems
  • Help clarify and interpret analytics
  • Assist in troubleshooting any problems
  • Assist in design modifications if necessary

Phase 4: Sustainment

CMG offers quarterly and semi-annual audits in order to help keep implementations on track.


Thoughtware (Workshops and Training)

Installing thoughtware means creating a framework, context and opportunity to harness people’s intuition in order to improve flow in the system. Many, organizations, however, have just the opposite; an operating framework and culture that actively prevents people from generating and considering ideas and taking actions from a systems and flow based perspective.

Demand Driven Performance – Using Smart Metrics

See the groundbreaking new concepts in the newest Demand Driven book. Debra Smith personally leads a daylong session on the organizational and supply chain problems resulting from the conventional reliance on unit cost as well an in-depth explanation of the objectives and details of “Smart Metrics.” Attendees are encouraged to read the book Demand Driven Performance – Using Smart Metrics (Smith and Smith, McGraw-Hill, 2013). Download the program brochure.

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Demand Driven Performance workshops
This workshop can come to your company! To inquiry about how to get Debra to do this workshop on site please email: info@thoughtwarepeople.com

Certified Demand Driven Planner Program

The Certified Demand Driven Planner Program is a partnership between the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) and the Demand Driven Institute. Internationally accredited by the IISB, the purpose of the CDDP Program is to educate and operations and supply chain personnel on the methods and applications of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP). CMG has its own Endorsed Instructors including Chad Smith co-author of the third edition of Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning and CDDP Program Director for the ISCEA. Participants will test online for their certificate after the event. More information on the CDDP Program is available here.

This workshop can come to your company! To inquire about how to get one of our instructors to do this workshop on site please email: info@thoughtwarepeople.com

Certified Demand Driven PlannerOrlicky's Material Requirements Planning

The Strategic Solutions Program

Constraints Management Group offers a unique and comprehensive program for executives and/or their direct reports. Through a blend of instructive formats participants learn a repeatable strategic problem solving process, apply that process to a defined topic within their organization and learn and internalize the building blocks of constraints management principles for industry.

Install Thoughtware into your management system.

Strategic Solutions Program
In order to have long term success in an increasingly competitive environment, management cannot afford to wait for opportunities to present themselves. Organizations must ensure the ability to develop long-term and robust solutions in order to address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s changes.

How effective is your management team in solving complex problems?

Many organizations and managers fight fires on a daily basis, waging the same battles over and over again. Intuitively, we know that as long as we continue to observe the same types of symptoms, we are not addressing the real underlying problem. So, how do we find the real problem?
In an organization or functional area that continues to struggle with the same types of challenges or symptoms there are often underlying and unresolved dilemmas that tug people in at least two directions at once. These dilemmas often result in a constant and unsatisfactory set of compromises at all levels producing consistently poor or underwhelming results.

A breakthrough solution allows an organization or an individual to break the underlying dilemmas and remove their related symptoms. It is a solution that is elegant; it is both simple and extremely significant. The simplicity comes from the fact that we are attacking the symptoms at fewer points (through the underlying dilemmas) and the significance is defined by the knowledge of how the symptoms are connected to and dependent upon the dilemmas. This allows a company to seize the inherent potential lying dormant in their system in a relatively short period of time for a relatively modest investment in time, energy and money.

But how can we can we equip people to uncover the right dilemmas and stop the “fire-fighting” and “fire-lighting” campaigns? Furthermore, how do we come up with an effective solution to those dilemmas and learn how to drive it through the organization? The Strategic Solutions Program effectively answers both of these questions.


Define a Solution/Project for your company
Work through problem, solution, implementation plan and buy-in for a strategic level issue having a bottom line impact on your organization. A subject matter is defined and relevant data is gathered about that subject matter in advance of the program. The participant then learns and uses the above tool set in order to analyze the subject matter from problem definition through solution implementation and organizational buy-in.
Learn a repeatable process for strategic problem solving including:

  • Current Reality Tree (CRT): Making the connections between organizational challenges that are potentially separated by function, location, etc.
  • Core Problem / Core Conflict: Identifying and resolving an organizational problem that results in many symptomatic issues.
  • Future Reality Tree (FRT): Defining and ensuring the solution will attain the necessary results.
  • Negative Branch Reservations (NBR): Immunizing the solution from potentially disastrous side-effects.
  • Prerequisite Tree (PRT): Implementation planning.
  • Buy-in: Gaining consensus when returning to your organization.


Achieve “Jonah” Certification

Successful completion of the Strategic Solutions Program means that the participant will be certified a Jonah from the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO).

Who should attend?
The SSP is intended for strategic level personnel and/or their direct reports. Examples include organizational, divisional and functional leaders, individuals responsible for implementing and guiding major initiatives, and internal consultants and/or corporate change agents.


The Facilitator

The Strategic Solutions Program will be led by CMG Managing Partner Chad Smith. Chad has guided hundreds of executives and managers through the strategic thinking processes of TOC over a span of nearly 20 years. Chad is a Jonah’s Jonah as well as a certified expert in all applications of the Theory of Constraints by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO).

For more information about the program please contact Chad directly at: csmith@thoughtwarepeople.com